New Handbook on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors with focus on SiC

cover of the Wiley book on wide bandgap semiconductors for power electronics
ISBN: 978-3-527-34671-4

Recently, Wiley published a new Handbook on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Power Electronics – Materials, Devices, Applications edited by Peter Wellmann, Noboru Ohtani and Roland Rupp.

The specialty about the Handbook is that most topics have been treated by two recognized author teams, one from academia and one from industry, respectively. In the case of SiC, basically all aspects from materials, defects, bulk growth, epitaxy, devices systems are covered. Application wise, the major focus lies on power electronics, but is not limited to it. In addition, the application of other wide bandgap materials for power applications like GaN, Diamond and Ga2O3 are also considered in set of review articles. Again, a nice mixture between academic and industrial view completes the handbook.

After more than 2 years of preparational work, my editorial colleagues and myself are hoping that the handbook will be very helpful for old-stagers as well as newcomers to further develop the field of SiC. In terms of green energy, the necessary power electronics completely relies on SiC.